What if it was illegal to give antibiotics animals we are going to eat?

we live in a society where we don't question were our food comes form we all know it comes from slaughterhouses none of us stop to think what are these animals eating what would this do to my body if I eat this how was the chicken raised was it in a massive feel a lot with 3000 chickens or was it happy you're roaming around. There has been an issue recently mainly in the UK where people are becoming immune to antibiotics due to the fact that there are antibiotics and the food we eat. This is because the cows are sick because of the close tight spaces they are forced to live in The industrial organic food system is slightly better there is no antibiotics however they are still in those closely tight spaces and they need to hire doctors just to make sure they're healthy even the chicken we called free range live in massive storage buildings have pretty much a dog door to go outside and they have barely enough room to move around there not going to go outside because they don't know the outside but because they have this little door they can claim it as free range and there was such a thing called adult onset diabetes however this is been changed to type two diabetes we know the cause of it eating McDonald's Jack-in-the-Box that kind of stuff that's for starters what if we made it illegal to give food that is intended for human consumption antibiotics?


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  • Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem and a lot of people are poorly educated about it. I think antibiotics shouldn't be given to animals intended for the food chain. Many antibiotics are given to livestock regardless of whether they are needed or not which is wrong and encourages bacterial resistance which can then pass onto humans. If it were illegal it may encourage big commercial farms (which seem to be what you are discussing here mainly) to keep their animals in a better more healthy way, therefore reducing their risk of infection. Making it illegal would certainly help but it might be very difficult to police and many of the big pharma companies wouldn't be happy!

    There are other issues that are contributing to antibiotic resistance though. I think better education for the public would be helpful too as many people go to the GP demanding antibiotics for minor things that really don't need them and in many cases it is a virus causing the infection anyway which renders the drug useless anyway.

    It really is a big problem at the moment and it's actually quite scary that we could soon be unable to treat minor infections and they could start being fatal again! This is a really worthwhile post, thank you.


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  • The human species is doomed, isn't it? There's no hope for us. We're far too stupid. =/

    • We're not doomed yet if people wise up and start doing something about it :)

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