Is it possible to die, after eating 2 watermelons at night before you sleep?

I remember when a classmate of mine told us, that her grandpa died after eating 2 watermelons at night, then slept and died during his sleep.

So I wonder if it’s true, or just a made-up story.

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  • Lol his grandpa probably died because of high age or a heart attack but certainly not because he ate 2 watermelons.
    If someone gets hit by a car and they were having pizza right before that, it doesn't meant that everybody who has a pizza is therefore more likely to get hit by a car lol... the logic.

    • Her not his. But she was like 8-9 when she told us.

    • Sorry reading mistake. And my grandpa died when I was 7, too – his last meal was probably oatmeal but I was never stupid enough to actually believe that the oatmeal killed him. Just wow..

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  • If he said its because of watermelons then his grandpa must have had diabetes


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