Vegitarian hopeful?

Hey guys, I'm 2 weeks into a 30 day vegetarian trial. I like it and I don't miss meat, but I can't find good quick recipes. What are your favorite vegetarian recipes?


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  • Giant salad all favorite vegetables and tomato basil olive oil with ricatta cheese or cottage cheeseuktigtain toast.

    Quick sturdy with cauliflower broccoli water chestnuts peppers -- any cooked vegetables sautéed tofu in olive oil curry (sometimes with tomato and ricotta cheese and high perturbed noodles. )

    High protein shake.

    Veggie burger in microwave on multigrain bun with sprouts tomato Monterey Jack cheese.

    Egg salad sandwich with salad cucumbers Multigrain toast

    Pita spiritus cottage cheese

    Sugar free granola Wheat germ with Greek yogurt with stevia

    High protein vegetable noodles tomato basil artichoke hearts sunflower seeds ricotta cheese lemon. Just book noddles and mix everything together. It's delicious and takes like five seconds prep time and 12 minutes cook time.

    Oatmeal with walnuts almonds and stevia and Greek yogurt or milk.

    French toast with sugar free syrup

    Me ironic and cheese : High protein noodles with soy cheese. Broccoli or whatever vegetables

    Boll Chou with steamed tofu. brown rice tiny bit of seseme oil.

    Multigrain toast with melted cheese or soy cheese and tomato and basil

    Basically whatever i eat takes less than twenty minutes usually about five. And I'm sure to eat at least one gram protein per pound body weight. And take a multi with iron.


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  • I am a huge fan of pulses. Rich enough in protein to be a meat substitute, low glycemic index, no saturated fat, rich enough in carbs to satiate hunger. For quick and easy try a can of beans in tomato sauce (pork & beans without the pork) on whole grain stone ground toast. If you are going vegan then olive oil with salt and some slightly crushed basil leaves instead of butter. Add a baby spinach salad with a balsalmic vinaigrette. Done in a jiff.
    If cheese is ok another quickie is Caprese salad. Medallions of buffalo mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, basil leaves, olive oil and salt. Fab. There are many recipes out there for chickpea (another pulse) salad. My favourites usually include a yogurt dressing. Canned chickpeas (aka garbonzo beans) are convenient.
    Lentils need more prep, but are worth it. Most basic is 1 part lentils simmered in about 4 parts water plus salt to taste until softened to your taste, about 20 minutes. Can replace meat in pasta sauces. Variations: vegetable stock instead of water; add some favourite herbs or spices, bay leaf, thyme, tarragon, dill, borage, or what have you. More elaborate would be to toast some crushed fennel seeds in a dry pot. When aromatic add some olive oil and butter, then gently sweat chopped onion & crushed garlic. Add the rinsed lentils and stir until well coated. Then add stock and cook as usual. Can be allowed to cool and served as a salad with a soft goat's cheese, or warm, served with steamed, sauteed, roasted veggies. Rice or potatoes optional as plenty of carbs in the lentils.
    Bon appétit!

  • I like to stir fry mushrooms, onions, broccoli, bell peppers, and a couple hot peppers, and eat that with brown or white rice

  • What kind of recipe?


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  • Spinakopitas are good for party food or a snack if you have the time. Any vegetarian tart like tomotoe / spring onion and pepper. Mushroom rissotto is a good bet. As well as any vegetarian pizza / pasta. It's not difficult just research meatfree versions of the things you like. There is plenty of vegetarian foods.

  • I'm def not a vegetarian lol but tofu can be good if you season it right. There's also soy that is basically fake ground beef which is really good for a meat sauce on top of spaghetti


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