Vegans, vegetarians? Advice?

So, I'm trying to go veggie. Certain meats and food not stripped of carbs just don't seem to be helping me at all. A carbohydrate-free diet, or a diet that's too low in carbs, can be both dangerous and helpful. I'm just a bit curious as to how I can maintain a healthy diet pattern with ease. Because I'm trying to keep a good substansial amount of body fat, given that my metabolism fluctuates from time to time.. and, maybe I need to start considering things from all four food groups. Anyone have any methods or any ideas of what I can try? Certain foods packed with nutrients?


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  • Fortunately you picked a time when there are so many foods that cater to the vegan / veggie lifestyle. There's probably an entire freezer section for vegan / vegetarian foods in your grocery store. Heck, you can get vegan bacon, vegan burgers, vegan steak tips, vegan chicken nuggets. Vegan cheese. Vegan pizza... The list goes on!
    Go shopping and see what you can find!


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  • Not quite sure what you're asking. There's protein, carbs, and fat. If you go vegetarian, you're mainly giving up protein rather than carbs, but you can get protein from dairy and eggs to make up for it. Cheese in particular has more fat/cholesterol ounce for ounce than most meat. If you want carbs, go with complex carbs like in whole grain bread.


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