Vegetable or Fruit?

So there has been a lot of debate as to what constitutes as a Fruit or Vegetable. I have had my share of confusion especially when it comes to Tomatoes. 😥😒💢 Are they fruits or vegetables? I couldn't tell.
Below are a few pics of the various Fruits or Veggies. Which heading do they classify under? Also do you have any that have perplexed you? Share !! 🍅🍆🍉🍊

1. Tomato

Vegetable or Fruit?
2. Vegetable or Fruit?
Vegetable or Fruit?
4. Vegetable or Fruit?


Most Helpful Guy

  • All are fruits except beets...
    Though this classification might appear weird

    • The top criteria to be considered as a fruit is whether there are SEEDS inside or not...
      Except beets all of them have SEEDS inside.
      As per this criteria, cucumber is also a fruit as it has SEEDS inside
      Anyway... its very clever of you to bring up such a question

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    • Don't mention it sis

Most Helpful Girl

  • Categorizing any of these into either of the two categories require scientific backing and analysis of many variables like the kind of seeds, growth patterns, genetics constituting each, comparison scores with other members of fruits and vegeratbles etc)... pheww!!! Its not easy to categorize them and hence I dont care now (earlier I did!!!) and just enjoy them :D

    • @DruBiEN very good point. so for now guess we just have to worry about eating em!

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    • Thank you for the MHO :)

    • no probs girl

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