(Food log) Is my diet good?

Hello i'm Shaye (:
I'm trying to gain healthy muscle mass, I have a very active lifestyle between working 4-6 hours 4-5 times a week and my strength training exercise which typically last 20-40 minutes depending if I work that day. I was just curious since i'm trying to gain lean muscle if my diet is good enough to achieve what I want. I would appreciate no comments about go vegan or vegetarian low fat, because my holistic doctor said that a balanced diet is good. (: anyways here is my food log of my day 6/22/2016. (ps: I eat only organic)

~Breakfast~ 7:50am
☻Three eggs
☻Half avocado
☻Three cherry tomatos

-20 min core workout-

~Snack~ 9:30am

~Lunch~ 11:30am
☻ Two stalks of celery
☻ 2 1/2 tbsp Peanut butter

-Worked 12-6pm-

~Dinner~ 6:30pm
☻Fresh caught trout from our creek
☻ sauteed veggies (squash, zucchini, green beans) in coconut oil

I understand you guys are not nutritionists but I would like to hear opinions on what I eat, I ate low carb this day but I do enjoy a bagel or sweet potato every now and then and maybe a raw tart. (:


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  • Hey Shaye, I'm certainly no nutritionist either but that sounds like a pretty healthy diet to me!
    And you've made me hungry!


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  • That doesn't sound like enough at all to me lol. I eat a lot, I feel like I would starve to death eating that. Have you added up the calories for what you're eating?

    • I do not calorie count, but guessing that I eat a high fat diet i'm okay. i'm only 5'0 feet tall so i'm tiny like my food portions I guess haha

    • It sounds really healthy honestly, just doesn't sound like enough lol. Some healthy foods don't even have calories though or have very little calories, so you can eat a pretty good bit of them and still be healthy.

    • Yeah but don't mean to be mean 'healthy' now equates to fat which is sad in my eyes, so I think her diet is fine.

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  • That is way to little. :( My 3 year-old brother eats more than you do. You need more calories. :)
    The World Health Organisation recommends a minimum of 2000 calories per day for a sedentary female. :)
    Eating too little long term may damage your metabolism ;(
    Have a good day :D Cheers!

  • Sounds good however when I have a snack I usually have something a little more, maybe throw another fruit in there or a piece of bread.

  • I don't see any chocolate in there, you might be missing this very important food.

    • I enjoy a raw chocolate/almond butter tart once in a while (:

    • Okay as long as there is some, I don't want you to hurt yourself haha

  • Personally I would need more food, but whatever works for you. It's healthy :)

    • Everyone's different I guess (: i'm only 5'0 feet tall so i'm pretty small haha

    • I am as well haha but I have a bigger frame and a nonending hunger :p

  • Thats waaay too little. I would die if i had your diet


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