Drinking? What makes you an Alcoholic? Is this normal?

I feel too old to be asking this question.
I partied all the time when I was younger.
But got in a serious relationship when I was 20 and stopped drinking and partying. I was in school, worked and most of my friends were hours away. Well my friends partied every weekend and drank all the time. When I came home I worked constantly for a year so I didn't have time.

But I have as a bartender and make wicked money and have a lot more time off. I seem to be drinking a lot more. Like every weekend. I go to ball games and get drunk. I'm just doing a lot more that seems to involve drinking and I could justify that.

But yesterday I went to the game and for the first time ever I lost control of my drinking. Don't get me wrong, I've gotten very very drunk plenty. But I never just crave more and more. I've want another drink but it wasn't the same. I got trashed and as soon as I realized I was as drunk as I was I stopped. I was chugging water. I made myself vomit trying to sober up and stopped drinking.

I can go out and have one or two. I can go out and have none. But last night scared me. I don't like losing control. Do I have a drinking problem? I was going to just stop drinking for awhile all together, but I'm going away for the weekend with my friends and I won't be the buzzkill that doesn't drink.


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  • Maybe at one time. I drank a lot more then I wanted to & should have. It was really a part of the job.
    I never intended to get drunk but did frequently after hours of sitting there with the boys. When we left that was it. Never craved a drink or drank alone.

    When you go places to get drunk that may be a problem, like the ballgame. The guys & I from work went to games & different sporting events. It was normal for us to drink. I don't know how many at a game, 5 maybe 6? The more you're a drinker the less it affects you.

    As for you, you can go out and have one or two, or go out and have none. That's good. Maybe yesterday was a wake up call. Keep that in mind. That may help.
    I kind of had a wake up call. I was starting to drink shots with my beer. The company was divesting itself of different departments so times were changing.
    We didn't see each other that much anymore. So the drinking slowed. One day I ran into one of guys & we went right to a bar to talk about old times. Had a few beers & a few shots.
    On the way home I thought enough is enough similar to what you thought " I got trashed and as soon as I realized I was as drunk as I was I stopped."
    I think that's a good sign for you. Just remember it & hold on to that for motivation.

    I rarely drink anymore. But I am still a sucker for tequila. I have 2 maybe 3 at friends gatherings. I rarely have a beer.

    Things are different nowadays with DUI's & corporations tolerance of them. 20 years. ago they weren't so strict. Think about that too, you'll be OK.

    • I never ever drink and drive. If I take my car I have one drink if I'll be somewhere for hours. But thank you

    • Good.
      Like them or not Reeses peanut butter cups/bites whatever, mask the smell of alcohol.
      It saves the embarrassment of a cop smelling alcohol & maybe a sobriety test.

What Girls Said 2

  • Doesn't sound like you have a problem, you just need to learn your limit.

    • First time it's happened ever

    • It happens, you just learn from it and try not to let it happen again. Don't beat yourself up though..

  • It might be that your alcohol tolerance was increased; or maybe you unknowingly drank too much too fast and it hit you all at once (but not until after you drank more).

    I don't think you're an alcoholic - you're not dependent on alcohol, you don't lie or steal to continue your drinking habits, you do recognize that something isn't right with your drinking, etc.

    I'd just pull back on the drinking - try and alternate between alcohol and soda or water. Maybe sure you eat a lot before you go out so you don't have much room left for booze. Ask your friends to help you keep track of drinking. If you're really worried, try abstaining from frequenting events you know will involve binge drinking.


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