Which is better?

I have noticed peoples preference for Chocolate is different I personally like White chocolate then Milk Chocolate i dont care for dark chocolate very much but my boyfriend likes all 3 evenly

Which is better?

Which of these do you like the most?

White chocolate

Which is better?

Milk chocolate

Which is better?
Dark chocolate

Which is better?

  • White Chocolate!
    Vote A
  • Milk Chocolate!
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  • Dark Chocolate!
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  • I like all 3 evenly
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apparently guys dont like chocolate looking at the pole xD


Most Helpful Girl

  • Y do you always mention your boyfriend? And i prefer white chocolate by faaar.

    • because i use his opinions to these are mostly questions i ask him be for i put on the site.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Pretty sure your boyfriend is in every question you post.


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