Rate this food: Salad?

I know there are lots of different kinds of salads with different dressings and stuff, so lets just rate a normal garden salad. So rate what you see in the picture and imagine your favorite dressing on top.
I feel like everyone hates salad but I love it lol
Rate this food: Salad?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I LOVE all kinds of salads.. For dressing, I use (a sauce vinaigrette? how do you say that in English?) it's basic, vinegar, olive oil, a little mustard and salt.

    • Thats what I make every time I make salad. And I add a little honey too. In English its called Balsamic vinaigrette

Most Helpful Guy

  • throw some grilled chicken up on that and you got yourself a 10


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  • I love salad


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