Would you consider this meal a healthy alternative to fast food?

Trying to clean up my diet, and have completely went cold turkey on fast food, but my family has been craving it. I told my mom I want to eat cleaner, so she made this instead. But, is this meal really any better? Would you consider this meal unhealthy junk/no better than fast food, not great but healthier than fast food, or mostly healthy?

93% lean hamburger patty (180 cals, wrapped in lettuce instead of bun)
1 serving of ore-Ida fries baked at home with no added oils (190)
Side of salt and pepper only seasoned broccoli (120 calls)

  • Unhealthy Junk/No better than fast food
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  • Not great but healthier than fast food
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  • Mostly healthy, a lot better than fast food
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  • This is actually really healthy, way to go!
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  • I would say not the greatest but a better alternative, burgers don't have to be unhealthy it just depends on what you put in it, chips (fries) will always get the best of you, even changing the potato like to sweet potato makes a huge difference.

  • Anything is better than fast food. Potatoes are fattening so fries werent the best choice but you get a lot of protein from the hamburger patty and nutrients from broccoli so I applaud you. Go on Pinterest there's so many great recipes. Lemon chicken is great!


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