So The Breakfast Habit is the best way to stay healthy?

I tried to maintain it by cooking a variety of different of foods but I may have burnt the Grapefruti

smells like the grapefruit is burning


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  • How did you burn grapefruit?

    • I cooked it on too up a temperature i used 500 instead of 300

  • Breakfast habit as in never skip breakfast?

  • Lol it happens just try to safe what's left of it.

    • burnt grapefruit actually is a good deoderizer you can put the peels in your car for good air Q

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    • this was my first time cooking for bfeast, I ususally eat only a super-bar or Ramen noodles with out the flavoring or water, just jam spread on the block of noodles.

    • Jam spread on noodles. Mmm that doesn't sound very yummy at all? My favorite is bacon and eggs nothing beats that 😉

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