Who are cognac drinkers of years xD?

How to drink it to get the best taste-joy? Cold or at room temperature? and other advices im new at this shit
I dont wanna think that there are only kids here who drink coke xD


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  • i used to drink henessy when i was 15-17


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  • poor the one you want into a good brandy/cognac glass
    sever room temp/warm in your hand
    Swirl her gently while it's in your glass
    small her swirl her once again
    and enjoy her by siping her gently to take in the taste

    • how is to you a 5years old cognac? Before I only one time was drinked a cognac from Turkmenistan it was so bad later that cognac I bought for more money compared to other but now I feel the same smell xd bad xd i haven't yet started to drink

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    • I only one time drank whisky it was so good to me , rum didn't drink and till now I liked so much whisky , techquila , quality beer and vodka

    • so you not really fond the drink for you then?
      one that you like.
      is that you had bad experience with all/most drinks

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  • Room temperature, with a sniffer glass.

    When I'm out at a bar, I usually have it mixed with cranberry juice.

    • What else is good to mix with cognac? Because i cannot drink pure

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    • Orange juice with cognac? You could try, but I don't think that's a good mix. Most people mix oj with vodka (called a "screwdriver").

    • Lol i dont know i try to be creater xd

  • Room temperature. Sip.


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