Is 11 0z or 200 ml of rum (captain Morgan) normal for one sitting--- I drank it in like about an hours time. ?

I am lightweight but honestly am not feeling it as heavily as id expect. Have I not given enough time and not paced myself enough to let myself wnjoy
it? Ps: yup I know I'm lame to drink alone. I have a cat and no life and really don't give a fuck tbh actually


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  • At 80 proof, that's a lot of alcohol in an hour, about 4.5 oz of absolute alcohol.

  • Probably a decent amount haha, did you eat beforehand?

    • Hi. I ate throughout and plenty before. If anything I'm bloated from eating too much. Ya ty for ur reply. Dunno why I set this as anon lmao

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    • I might've just misunderstood your comment about my choice in rum? Ik it was cheap tho

    • Was just bugging you because you said Anon haha.

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