So I need help. I've been given permission to tell of my co worker but I have to be proper about it. Can anyone translate for me?

Are you fucking kidding me you fat ugly piece of shit. You can't fucking come to work and read a fucking book and text all day. This is a fucking team. Maybe if you weren't such a lazy piece of shit that stuffed your face six times a day while I starve because I'm busy you'd actually lose some weight. Your job description to do glasses and cutlery it's a fucking team. I am not doing all of your work for you. No one fucking likes you fucktard. If your going to continuously fuck up and then blame me for your fucking mistakes you may want to have a leg to stand on and make sure I don't have witness you dumb bitch. Go die.

No it's not nice. I know better than to say that to her. So if anyone can translate that into something I can actually say to a coworker that'd be awesome.


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  • "( whatever her name is) this is a team and we don't think your pulling your fair weight in this team. All the little breaks and stuff isn't fair to me or anyone else here. We all have to push through and deal with stuff outside of work but we do it cause it's our job. If there's a problem you have that you can't work through let us know so we can help, if not, your gonna be judge on the lack of effort we feel your putting forth..." I've had issues with co-workers and didn't handle it the best way, hopefully this helps you.

    • Thank you I appreciate it.
      At this point I'm trying not to resort to violence.

    • No problem. I think it's great your at least able to say something. It feels like most job's wouldn't let you handle this, but clearly they trust you and the fact that your asking this question shows why they have such faith in you.

    • My manger thinks someone snapping on her is about the only way she'll learn since the head manager isn't doing anything

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  • That's extremely mean, unnecessary and uncalled for.
    Yes you may have had permission to have words with her. But to tell someone they're a 'ugly fat piece of shit' 'no one likes you' and 'go die' I'm pretty sure is bullying. So far your rant isn't even work related as it's personal insults

    • You didn't read the question did you.
      I know I can't say that to her sweetheart.
      As for being uncalled for it's really not. I never feel the need to insult someone for their looks. I don't care if your short tall skinny fat toothless black white Asian Latino. It's not right what this girl did to me and I can control my anger when I get to the point this girl put me at I go for cruel. But didn't actually say any of it to her. Just a venting. Where she'd never see it or know it's about her. So really there is no harm.
      So next time you want to be high and mighty read the whole thing sweetheart

    • Don't patronise me. I did read the question otherwise wouldn't of seen the whole rant. But I'm pointing out yes she may be wrong but your work may have given you opportunity to say about it but bringing in those insults isn't needed regardless if your venting

    • Because you're a perfect little angel right.
      It was needed actually. Violence is never the answer so how ever anyone needs to vent to prevent that when it doesn't hurt someone is perfectly acceptable. Plus her size and a true fact that no one likes her is actually relevant but can't be brought up in real life.

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  • ROFLMAO !!! It's a shame that the origional wouldn't be well received by management... It's kinda catchy

    • Ya, I almost said it yesterday as well as handing me in my resignation.

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    • this is a conundrum that if the owner or upper management won't take it on them selves to address the problem it will never change. If you have vacation time coming up I would schedule it with the knowing she will be there and see how well she fairs in your absents

    • In all honesty the dudes opinion is the best diplomatic solution I have read this far.

  • how about, 'you're an excellent person and a quality worker. i hope you are named employee of the month.'


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