What is your average shopping list for the week? How much does it usually cost for how many people?

Does your list change weekly, or do you usually know what you'll be buying and stick to the same ingredients?
I don't go down isles I only shop from the perimeter of a store. Fresh fruits, veggies, yogurts cheeses and meats.
I shop for one and spend $80- $100 a week depending on sales.
How about you?


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  • I shop for one too. I get my groceries delivered. Including the deliver fee and tip, I spend about 100 biweekly.

    • That sounds great. Thank you

  • I am subscribed to a catering website in my area that delivers daily/3x a week of fresh local ingredients with recipes to my house- catering to your needs/ diet. I pay about $50- $60 weekly since I shop for one and since the servings are usually for 2 people per meal, there are usually left overs to last me the entire week.

    Depending on where you live but if you live in US, there's also a great company such as Blue Apron that can cater to you. You can check out their site:


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