Do you need to get smashed at university on nights out to make friends?

I have a friend who went to university last year.. long story short he says when you go out people make you drink, if you don't keep drinking they basically don't invite you out again. Don't get me wrong I will happily get a bit drunk... but i don't want to be throwing up the next day and unable to appreciate the evening.

Part of the reason is i'm on a sleeping tablet which can cause a few issues when drinking too much... but that won't likely sit well with people clubbing... so is my friend right in that sense? Or are some people just happy to drink a bit and chill... aka not doing shot after shot when your already quite drunk.


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  • Nope. I didn't drink, and I made plenty of friends.

    • Thanks for the feed back, how did you make friends? Was it mainly societies?

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    • Ah fair enough. I just hope in the future they don't remove library's and replace them with like kindle stops or something. Reading out of a book is much more captivating/immersive for me anyways.

    • I prefer the feel of a real book in my hands, too.

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