What Is Your Favorite Cake Flavor?

I'm trying to come up with a 'His and Her' cupcake pair for my sister and her fiance for the rehearsal dinner, but they're really difficult and like everything and that's not very helpful. I can do the design and stuff alone, but right now, I need to know what flavor guys and girls prefer. And yes, I bake and decorate for a living. If you like another flavor listed, tell me below. Thanks.
  • Vanilla/White
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  • Yellow
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  • Chocolate
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  • Dark Chocolate
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  • Devil's Food
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  • Strawberry
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  • Carrot/Spice
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  • I have no idea what flavour 'yellow' is :P Uh, I think that chocolate would be my favourite, but I also like red velvet and cheesecake.


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