Why does junk food taste so good and healthy food isn't as nice?

Shouldn't our brains be wired to think healthy food tastes like heaven and junk food tastes like shit so our bodies stay healthy and in shape for reproduction etc?


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  • You have to realize that for almost all of human history (and even now in too many places) starvation was the greatest danger we faced. Unhealthy food does one thing well - it makes us fat, which used to be the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD. That's why we love it so much.


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  • The fast food industry and junk food industry literally spends billions, yes billions, per year to perfect our evolutionary taste for fat, sugar, and salt. Naturally we all need and crave these things and they have helped with our survival, but the food industry has made it their literal business to ratchet up these things to astronomical levels where it has built up a literal addiction in some people for the food. For example, if you are a heavy coke drinker, and you consume 2-3 bottles a day, the moment you quit cold turkey, it is like you've quit taking drugs. You experience anger, headaches, you continue to crave it, etc. This is why it takes about 3 weeks to start really ridding your body of the need for these... well... substances and addictions.

    Now if you start eating healthy food purposefully and regularly, you will learn to like it over time. It can be very tasty and healthy for you at the same time, but that doesn't mean you will completely stop craving the fats, sugars, and salts found in addictive fast foods, but perhaps you learn to crave them a bit less.


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  • Lol healty food can taste way better. You probably can't cook, no offense

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    • Lol no, I can cook, but I know many people not just me that think the same

    • You need to know how to cook healthy. It's different. You have to use more spices, Pam, healthy substitutes, etc.

  • You need to season healthy food.

    Food and your consciousness are intertwined, if you're unhappy or worried about something, you'll crave certain bad foods to dull you.

    Eating some crap is fine anyway. We're supposed to enjoy our physicality :D

  • Something must have went weird with me, I don't like junk food and much prefer healthy food

  • junk will probably start to taste bad to you when you're older

  • Oil tastes good in food.

    • Yeah, which is basically what I said, tell me something I don't know

    • You didn't exactly say that nor did you understand what I was trying to say.

      And learn some manners while your at it

    • "Oil tastes good in food"
      Oil= what most junk food has in it, such as fast food like KFC, Burger King, etc.
      I wasn't being rude, my main question wasn't answered, which is "why does the junk taste nice?" AKA "why does the oil taste nice?"

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  • Healthy food can taste good as well. However, junk food has crack in it basically. That's why we're addicted. :P


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