What are some good nutritious cheap foods for workingout?

>i have a costco card, so ladies... you do the math.
>i have spent 400$ in the past month eating out and not conserving. I need to cut back.
>something without sugar preferably
Been makin burritoes/chicken/refried beans/salsa, but i need variety more-so
... Ideas?

What are some good nutritious cheap foods for workingout?


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  • You have a costco membership, so that is a big win right there!

    Here are some staple items you should buy for your kitchen to make easy, cheap and healthy meals:

    - Rice
    - Beans
    - Canned tuna
    - Healthy cereal
    - Yogurt if you like yogurt (costco sells regular yogurt and greek yogurt)
    - Bag of mixed frozen veggies
    - Chicken breasts
    - Frozen fruit
    - Bagged salad
    - Fresh fruit and veggies
    - Eggs

    These staples can help prevent you from spending money on take out food. Rice can easily be made in a rice cooker or on a stove top. Add in some frozen veggies and it's an excellent side dish. You can even mix in tuna or some beans as well to add a bit of protein.

    Frozen veggies can basically be a great side dish or even a snack if you are feeling hungry. You can add them to so many things too to make your food go further.

    Beans are a great filler food. Again, they can be added to dishes to make food go further. I usually will substitute beans for some of the meat in a recipe. It's just as filling and also adds protein, but is much cheaper than meat.

    Chicken breasts are versatile. They can be made into so many different dishes. You can even cook it and cut it into little chunks, and then freeze it so you can use it later.

    Frozen fruit can be used in cereal, yogurt or even made into a smoothie for an on-the-go breakfast.

    Bagged salad is another easy and healthy meal. It's inexpensive and very versatile. You can have it as a side dish with some rice or make it a main with chicken and veggies.

    Eggs are an incredibly versatile food. You can have them at any meal. They're also quick to cook too. You hard boil then, and take them in a lunch bag, or make them into an omelette or even a breakfast sandwich.


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  • Pasta, spaghetti, sandwiches, meats, etc...

    Oh there's this delicious soup, it comes in a big cup and you just heat it up. It depends what flavor but they have vegetables, and healthy stuff lol (and they sell those in Cosco)



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  • Eggs, milk, cottage cheese, legumes (chickpeas, beans lentils)
    I personally live off fish, lean beef, de-boned chicken legs and the above stuff.
    With some portobello/white mushrooms and select veggies.
    I cook rather paleo, usually just smack my meat on a grill with little seasonings, but I like it that way anyway.

    I avoid most of carbs, only potatoes and legumes do that for me.
    When I feel particularly dirty I get myself some smoked salmon, dry cured hams (jamon) and blue cheese.

  • If you are really cutting down on cost pasta, rice, sauce with meat, peppers mix

  • Macaroni before workout, chocolate milk after.


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