What are eyour favourite substitutions you use in baking? What's your favourite treat using these subs?

I like swapping coconut oil for butter. It's an easy swap (1:1) and it adds a soft sweetness to cookies and squares.

I also like baking with honey instead of sugar but that requires a lot more work and thought than a simple 1:1 swap.


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  • Coconut or Almond flour is an amazing substitute, with some things it actually enhances the flavour.

    Cacao powder instead of chocolate, so much richer and healthier.

    • I've never sedan either of those flours. I've made my own oat flour and used that before when I've started something and realize I didn't have flour haha

      I usually use whole wheat flour and sometimes spelt flour, but spelt is a bit tricky and it's better used in stuff that you want to be nice and fluffy.

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  • i like to use butter instead of oil or shortening


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  • Almond flour, coconut flour, oat flour for regular flour.
    I've always used a good extra virgin olive oil for my fats haven't tried coconut oil yet.

    • Coconut oil is great but you have to keep in mind that it will affect the flavour so it's not always appropriate.

  • When a recipe calls for lemon juice I always substitute my own urine!


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