Help! Please help this is actually scaring me! Does anyone else experience this the day after drinking?

I'm a light weight yesterday at like 10pm I drunk a bit felt good then threw up a couple hours later. When I woke up I felt not too bad my body was really shaky and weak like I have the flu but I ate drunk two bottle of water went back to sleep. Woke up starving so I made food and I felt like it was going to come back up. My chest is killing me like any physical activity and I feel like my heart will explode. I felt not too bad so I ate again because super hungry for some reason and. Ow I feel awful. My head hurts my chest hurts so bad and my stomach hurts my bones and muscles are sore. It's been 24 hrs since the drinking! I don't understand if this is really me hung over still or if I actually got the flu or something while I was drinking. I almost feel like going to the hospital but I have no money so it's the last thing I'd want to do. Is this a normal thing if you were drinking?

what I drank was about 5 shots of peppermint schnapps, one can of 8% alcohol cocktail and then half a can. So I didn't drink that much at all.

the only other time my chest has hurt this bad was when I was hella sick to the point I had to miss 2 days of work.


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  • you are kind of young, and your body isn't used to that 'poison'!! If you really want to drink, stay with one thing, and don't mix. I do vodka shooters, and chase it with soda, and then a Rocks Glass of water, until the next round.
    Ladies LOVE the fruity, sweet mixed drinks, but they FCK YOU UP!!
    If you have to drink that, drink at least a half liter of water, before bed, and sleep on your side, in case you vomit, so you don't choke, oK?
    First thing in the morning, put half the noodles of a ramen soup pack that you like (I like the Oriental, because it has a hint of ginger, and that helps!) with the full seasoning pack into a bowl, and put in about three cups of steaming hot water. Let it sit, 3-4 minutes, then slurp the broth, and eat some of the noodles, and in 1-2 hours, you will be Right as Rain!! I SWEAR!! That got me through college!!

    • I mean I've been drink since I was about 5 my parents used to let me drink wine on special occasions and as I got older they allowed me to have a glass of whatever they were drinking. I had a high alcohol tolerance I could drink something with alcohol and not even notice it was alcohol but 2 years ago I drunk a 3rd of a fifth of jack was sick the whole day after much like I am today but once I throw up I felt better just achy whereas this time it won't go away. But ever since that day I can spot something with alcohol so easily. Even if it's a drop of vodka in anything I can taste it. Even with some of the fruitiest drinks I can. Can you lose your tolerance?

      I also ate chicken noodle soup and had more soup this morning and chugged water and it hasn't been helping it actually makes me feel worse. Like right now my back and sides are killing me. If I ever decided to drink again your advice is going straight to my it'll save your life box.

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    • But I love being a bit tipsy. Oh well nothing is worth feeling this horrible over. For sure will never drink again. Probably for my own good. Alcoholism is a common thing in my family. Totally don't want to be like that. So I guess I'm blessed wit a curse then.

    • Good answer, Good choice!!

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  • Go to the doctor, you might have what my boyfriend has, which is basically that your body can't process alcohol properly, so even if you don't go to the doctor, don't drink anymore than what you did because that condition CAN kill you.

    It's the kind of thing that develops, my boyfriend started drinking around fourteen, getting black out drunk and everything. Then he had a really bad night at eighteen, woke up in hospital getting his stomach pumped. His body had stopped being able to process the alcohol.

    • Really can't afford the doctor. I've never gotten so drunk before that I black out. I remember everything I did last night. Like I've drunk stronger stuff at my sisters 2 weekends ago and I felt a little weird but after a few hours everything cleared up and I was okay.

      Is this something that can get worse the more you drink? I used to have a high tolerance but once I drunk a third of a fifth of jack and ever since then I can spot alcohol so easily. Even if it's a drop I can taste it whereas before I never could tell if alcohol was in something.

    • You don't have Medicare or anything of the kind where you are?

      I think it is something that gets worse as you drink, my boyfriend was only told he couldn't drink for two years, but I think he's going to stay well away from it even past then.

      If you have any clinics around that bulk bill, just visit a gp, they may be able to help.

    • I'm on the worse healthcare ever and I don't have a job atm my car is broken so I don't have a way to work at all.

      Totally smart with staying away from it. Last night my sister and her friends had me drink with them all I had was a beer half a shot of whiskey and half a shot of gin and I woke up with the same rapid heart beating but also with a horrible cold too. So I'm thinking maybe I was just slowly getting a cold? I don't know but I'm never drinking again haha.

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  • That is a fair bit for someone who doesn't drink a lot - Your hangovers last longer when your body is not used to alcohol - You will be fine after a night's sleep tonight

  • Umm I don't know cause I don't really drink but all that didn't happen to me when I had a hangover... if all those problems are coming back or repeating then go to the doctor immediately...

  • everything sounds normal i mean you are basically drinking poison so yea.. its normal trust me within a day or two you will be back to normal

    • It doesn't really last like a whole day or two does it? Why tf do people drink then? This is the worse thing ever. Even chest pains are normal? That is my biggest concern right now because just getting up or shifting my weight drains me and hurts my chest a bit.

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    • Well jeez! Wish I had known that. This whole post gives me millions of reasons to not drink haha.

    • yea but it only takes one excuse to have a drink lol in fact going to drink in a little bit lol!

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  • i doubt you have the flu; it sounds like someone may have spiked one of your drinks, since most of these symptoms aren't normal.

    where were you drinking?
    was there anyone around who might have seen what happened?

    follow-up question: are you on any kind of medication? if you're on prescription meds (antidepressants and antianxiety pills, in particular), you shouldn't be drinking.

    • I am a loser and was drinking by myself on my bedroom floor. Not one of my best moments I must say.

      I'm not on a prescriptions or anything. I think the last time I took any sort of pill was a week ago and it was aspirin or ibuprofen.

      When I drink tho My face gets hot and red. I feel like I possibly just drank too much. But I have once drunk a third of a fifth of jack and was sick and throwing up for a whole day but I didn't have the chest pains like I do now.

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    • perhaps dehydration has something to do with it, esp. if you didn't drink any water during the night. still, i would double check with the doctor (where i live, we don't pay for health care, though i'm not sure what the case is where you are).

    • Hmm I feel like it could be I don't think I drunk much water at all yesterday maybe only a glass or two... yeah I like in America where nothing is free

  • You might have an alcohol intolerance. I would go to the emergency room or the doctor's office in general just to be safe. If not an alcohol intolerance then possibly an allergic reaction. If you've missed two days, seek out a doctor ASAP!

    • I don't think it is allergies. It could be an intolerance. Once I drank a 1/3 of a fifth of jack and was drunk for a very long time. Since then my tolerance has decreased. I used to not be able to tell if something has alcohol in it now it's so easy for me to tell. Even if it's just a drop I know. Now my face and body gets hot when I drink. It's weird. I know an intolerance means that it can't break down alcohol or whatever but is it like a serious thing if you drink? Or is it like if you're planning on drinking be prepared to deal with these symptoms. Honestly after what I'm feeling now I will never ever drink again.

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