What's your favourite type of candy?

  • Chocolate (chocolate bars, chocolate covered nuts, etc.)
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  • Gummies (gummy worms, bears, etc.)
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  • Wax candies (jujubes, wine gums, wax lips)
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  • Sours (sour keys, sour patch kids, etc.)
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  • Tablet candies (SweeTarts, Bottle caps, Rockets/Smarties)
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  • Hard fruity candies (lollipops, jolly ranchers, etc.)
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  • Caramels
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Dark chocolate is awesome, but I also am battling a newfound addiction to these 12-flavor Gummi Bears they sell in the the bulk section of this hippie grocery store I go to. Pink grapefruit flavored gummi bears... GAME OVER.👍


Most Helpful Girl

  • Chocolate is just about the only candy I eat. I can politely have other sorts of candy if someone offers, but if I'm out shopping for snacks, chocolate is the only candy I go for.


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