Is it normal for the water my tofu is stored in to be yellow?

Two days ago I bought tofu at the grocery store. That night I cooked about a quarter of it, and put the unused portion in a Tupperware container and covered with water, then put it in the fridge.

The next evening I noticed the water had become quite yellow. I changed the water. It's now the following afternoon and the water is clear still. I am a tofu newbie so I dunno what's normal? The expiration date is in November. I know now that it's open it will only last a few more days but I'm afraid somehow it's managed to go bad (although there's no smell, and the texture is normal. )

thoughts? Google isn't helping.


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  • I'm sure you're fine. :)

    And not to be *that guy*, but try and limit your unfermented soy consumption.

    Do you have access to tempeh?

    • I'm REALLY weird about food safety so I'm kind of afraid to eat it! Lol. I might just buy some more and see how it does to see if this is normal.

      I just began eating tofu and don't plan on eating it too often, maybe a couple times a week. I think a couple local grocery stores have tempeh- I've been looking into that as well! Because I've just transitioned into being vegetarian I'm looking to make sure I'm getting adequate protein.

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    • Thanks! I'm gonna look into it more

    • i've been reading about this soaking of beans

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  • Someone probably peed in it, which of course will at least make it taste like something.

  • I don't know I don't eat tofu.
    However, my understanding is that tofu takes on the flavor of whatever its mixed with so maybe there was something in the water.

  • Nope nope


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