Do you eat the same food once a week?

I cook the same food once a week to my husband, just not on same days. And sometimes 3-4x a mth. When i haven't married yet, my family does eat the same food everyday too, but when i was little, we eat different foods. My parents just got old and only want to eat soups and veggies. Anyways, what should i do? My husband is getting tired of eating the same food, he prefers fast food, and going out to eat. I have look online for new recipes, but its like ill have to go do groceries everyday just to cook it cause i dont have all the ingredients to it. Is there a way for me to not having to go grocery store all the time just to cook those recipes? Plus, any food suggestions?


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  • You need to buy staples like rice, onions, seasoning, etc... and then you'll be able to make meals around what's available in the stores that week.

    You can also cook leftovers in different ways. Like one night make spaghetti then two nights after use the sauce to make zucchini boats and if there's any sauce left after that I'll make pizza.

    • I have rice and seasonings. Its just that most of the recipes im going to try have different seasonings and different products, which makes me always have to go shopping all the time just to buy it.

    • Well, just plan your recipes around what you already have.

  • I eat the same foods pretty much. I break it up and eat different things when I get bored, though.

  • I eat the same food several days a week. It's practical.


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