What can I use as a valid form of ID at LCBO, clubs and bars in Ontario Toronto?

I just turned 19 2 days ago and so far I've went to 2 bars and lcbo and I gave my heath card as Id and they all accepted it but I just learned that they could refuse your health card and I don't have a drivers license and I don't wanna carry my passport with me, plus it's an old pic of when I was younger so In your experience do most bars and clubs and lcbos accept heath card as id? Do I need more than 1 id and if so what can I get that can be used as id right away?


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  • Well if they do that you can argue and be like "it takes 2 second to look at my health card I don't know why you being like that" if not leave and go somewhere else.

    • But why don't you at lease get a G1?

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    • Haha girl that's literally just like me XD but now I'm like i need it lol

    • Well if they argue with you and you could say well if you think I forge this health card wouldn't I forge the driver's license too?

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