ISRAELI vs American foods?

I need help from people who have been in Israel and/or were born there. I am going again to see my friends and I am from America. As a gift I want to bring some foods that can be bought in America but not in Israel. I want a nice assortment that they can enjoy.
Obviously these items cannot be refrigerated so please give me some suggestions for non-perishables that they would appreciate that they can't find where they live. Thanks!

Specifically asking about snack foods


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  • Nutter butter cookies

    • I live in America and I know about them but I don't think I have ever had them!

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    • Hahaha I meant DO you know if they aren't in Israel? Because someone commented "hamburgers" and they have that lol

    • I doubt it.

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  • Real Hamburgers
    100% American.
    That's the only real option here.

    • Lol yes but I can't take a hamburger with me. Plus they have hamburgers there.

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  • Everytime my family and I visit California to visit relatives, my siblings go crazy for authentic Mexican food.

    • But I can't bring tacos on a plane 😕

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