Killing an ant or any living creature is wrong then why do Muslims have Non-Veg. food?


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  • having respect for all life is something else entirely, and I actually do not know for sure but im gonna say it anyways, I don't think that is the main focus, or any focus at all, with the practice of Islam.

    • I guess you didn't watch the video so you should read this Take:

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    • I guess you are saying that because of word Muslim in the title but it was gag that has changed the title of myTake to Why Muslims Are Permitted to Eat Meat, original title was WHY EATING NON-VEGETARIAN FOOD IS PERMISSIBLE, the Take is contains reasons and logical arguments.

    • now that makes more sense. i don't agree with GaG changing question titles when it could end up not being related to the description at hand

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