What should I make for my class this week?

I have already made them Whoopi pies , pizza, cake, brownies, and donut's?


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  • Well, for one you're amazing for making all of that delishiois stuff! But hmm... Maybe some oreo stuffed cookies would be good! They're simple to make too! All you need is some toll house chocolate chip cookie dough and some Oreos! You can find tutorials online if you really want to be exact! But you just wrap the Oreo completely in the cookie dough. They're delish!

    • Lol thanks omg I'm dead inside I put the doughnuts on the list because I new I was making them my next class which is today I made way to many and sence they are made from scratch my back arms and feet hurt lol I just want to sleep but class is in less than a hour so I have to go put makeup and stuff on

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    • Lol because I don't know you that's why lol. They aren't getting it much longer maybe 3 days

    • Haha true true! Well still! That's very sweet of you to do! Also got any good recipes actually? I wanted to make a cake for my brother in about a month and I don't want to make just any old chocolate or vanilla cake! I'd like something that's maybe a bit different but tasty! Got any recipes? lol I think I'm going to ask a question of this actually

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