What's your favourite breakfast?


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  • There's two kinds of breakfasts I have. One for when I'm on the rush and the other when I feel like treating myself after coming back from stressful missions.

    In a rush - Brown Sugar Oatmeal with crushed walnuts and pumpkin seeds and a dollop of honey all over it. Washing it down with a protein shake.

    Coming Back from a Mission: Complete Irish Breakfast
    Irish Sausages (I prefer the lamb ones)
    One Pack Black Pudding
    One Pack if White Pudding
    4 Eggs
    4 Medium tomatoes
    4 Boiled ( Cold ) Potatoes
    1 Can Irish Beans
    Saxa White Pepper
    Knob of Irish Butter
    Grated Dubliner Cheese

    *Most items I usually have a hard time finding like the puddings unless I go to a British Market which is far.


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  • Veggie/meat/cheese omelette or stuffed french toast or waffles covered in fruit. Occasionally I juice (80 veggies, 20% fruit) pretty healthy and delicious.


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