What are some good TASTY meal prep recipes?

I'm obviously a glutton and need help finding healthy recipes. I love creamy sauces or things mashed together. So i have trouble when its like rice, broccoli and chicken with no seasoning and so plain. Any healthy sauces I can make or spicy things or stirfrys?


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  • Omg so many things you make. I make stir fry with all the veggies and like and shrimp chicken. Leave the broccoli to the side and cook it separate. Steam the broccoli and chop it up really small and pour the stir fry mix on top. It's like using the broc in place is the rice to cut calories.

    There are a ton of sauces you can find on Pinterest.

    Spaghetti squash is another thing you can make.

    Breakfast tacos: ground turkey, eggs and corn tortillas

    Roasted red pepper stuffed chicken is easy.

    Stuffed baked sweet potatoes with spicy veggies, ground turkey and black beans.

    Tuna and sweet potato croquettes

    The list goes on...

  • You can try risotto. Its like a creamy rice dish. You can also throw whatever you want in there.

    Uhm, pot pies. Or baked casseroles I guess.

    Stir fry... you pick out whatever you like and throw it together with a white sauce which is like just a little cornstarch some wine some stock and seasonings.

    Also curry. Like. Anything curried. Id give my recipes but I don't think they're really healthy or anything. The amount of butter I add prob makes it kind really unhealthy.