I just found 4 1/2 month old mentos, eat it or na?

Debating whether to eat it or not. Its all still individually wrapped and there seems to be no evidence of ants raiding it... No other sweets at home, should i eat it?

  • Oh hell no!
  • Yes!!!
  • WTH are you on mate?
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I survive and got a nibble too... 100% gg life i win this time


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  • Is a mentos seriously considered to be a sweet?

    • I would consider it to be, its the closest thing to a sweet than everything else im my pantry except raw sugar 😂

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    • Lol it's a bloody long drive. I've only driven to Brissy once and would nevvver do it again! Not when you can fly for like $50

    • XD true true but the airport here is expensive 😂 Cheaper to go to bris then nsw on separate flights than here to nsw

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  • Go for it! I once ate some gum that was in a backpack that had been sitting in a damp basement for years... I ended up gaining the ability to read other people's minds... something happened to that gum down there... Alas, the ability soon faded.

    • Awww thats sad to hear ;( but did you at least use your wonderful power for good? :P

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    • Maybe we need japan on this too, theyre wiz at fermenting stuff

    • We could be looking at a whole new business here...

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  • Do whatever you want to do. I doubt you're going to die from eating an old piece of candy in your house.

  • Eat it


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