What are your favorite desserts that are referenced in books and movies?

I couldn't find a recipe for the dessert I wanted to make for Thanksgiving. The only recipe I could find required something pre-cooked by default that doesn't count as homemade. As a replacement, my nerdy self wants to find a dessert referenced in books of movies. Some examples would be the "chocolate" pie Minnie made from The Help, which is one of my favorite books. Or pumpkin pasties referenced in the Harry Potter books.

I decided on lemon cakes, referenced in game of thrones and Sansa's favorite dessert
And butterscotch cinnamon pie, referenced in Lord of the Rings. I have very religious family members and I was planning on taking advantage of that. I wanted to make blood pie referenced in game of thrones, so that way when they ask what pie is it, I can say with a straight face that it's blood pie.


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  • The everlasting Gobstopper or Wonka Bar


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  • I would do lemon cakes, Sansa's favourite, or maybe figure out how to do turkish delight from the chronicles of Narnia :)


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  • can i have a list of them?

    • Yes, I'll make a my take about them.

    • Authentic Parisian macaroons! (they're delicious and colorful :) )
      Chocolate Eclairs (creamy and delicious)
      Tuxedo Cheesecake (The cheesecake factory one is enough to make God's angels fap fam!)
      Brownies/chocolate chip cookies (Ooey gooey delicious)
      and finally Warm baked Cinnamon apple pie (mmmh cozy and home-y :) )

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