How much do drinks cost in England?

Hey. So I'm going to England in December, and I'll probably go clubbing. I'm South African so the rand is very weak to the pound. How much do drinks normally cost in a club? Like a smirnoff spin?


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  • It really depends on what kind of beverage you buy and what club or bar you go into. Some are cheaper and more expensive than others.

    A Smirnoff 35cl bottle for example usually costs around £9-10.

    • Guess I'll be getting drunk off pre-drinks.

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  • Drinks are a nickel each in England!

  • It's three quid for a beer here. Times that by 10 in Landon! No idea about girlie drinks, sorry.

    • Sheeeeet.. that's like R60. I'm dead sure you can get a beer in SA for just over a pound. Thanks though!

    • South African women are crazy, in my experience. I'm sure you can frighten a poor English lad into buying one for you :P

    • Haha! I'll actually be with my boyfriend, but he seems pretty reluctant in buying me any drinks. I don't know.

  • An arm and a leg, in the best case scenario.


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