Do you like ice cream? If so why?

Ice cream, a delicious frozen treat that comes from cows, that comes in many different flavours and can often be found at your local grocery store. There's chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookie dough, cookies n cream, chocolate chip, etc. But nough said bout ice cream.

Question is, do you like it? Why? More specifically any Coldstone Creamery lovers out there?

  • You serious cousin? Everyone loves the shit including me
  • Sorry cousin that shits nasty
  • Its ight cousin not good not bad
  • I'm not calling you cousin
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I asked why in the title cousin cause I was gonna make it a game. Fuck it. Got a coldstone gift card for whoever wants it. Just comment below
I served my purpose here. GC was given away
Ice cream is better when shared


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  • I like it cause it tastes like processed sugar.

    • Lmao thats exactly why I DON'T like it.

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    • @BeautifulPromisesx

    • He already got me a gift card and I'm eating ice cream rn lmao 😂

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