Are there any vegans, vegetarians, or raw vegans or pescetarians here? How do you start to become one?

I'm wanting to change my lifestyle. I want to stop eating all this nasty processed foods that make me feel gross. I watched people talk about being vegan and how great it makes them feel and I want to experience that. I never really liked the taste of meat as I was growing up. It grossed me out knowing there was blood on the meat before it was cooked by my parents have issues with vegans (my aunt was a crazy one that would yell at people for eating meat and brag about how good she is for sparing the lives of animals) so they never allowed to be vegan they'd force me to eat the meat. I'm old enough now and I am my own person and I want to officially do it. The only meat that I actually like is turkey, fish and beef but only as a burger. I was thinking about becoming a pescetarian too. I know the good that can come with veganism/vegetarianism and I know the bad.

My questions are:
1. What's a good first step I should take to become vegan, vegetarian or pescetarian?
2. What kind of food can you eat with each of these? What is your favorite? the only brand I know that does vegan meat or whatever is baco.
3. Being vegan you don't get enough nutrients, do you take vitamins, or like certain supplements?
4. What was it like for you to become vegan, vegetarian or pescetarian? Did you feel better once you changed lifestyles? Do you ever wish to switch back?


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  • You know, all of the people I know who switched to these types of lifestyles always switched back. However, the strangest part of your question is 2). Why would you rail against "nasty processed foods", yet want to eat an ultra-processed meat-substitute type food? To me, the best vegan/vegetarian dishes are naturally so. For example, have you ever had a falafel sandwich? That's a completely vegan dish (or vegetarian if you use yogurt sauce instead of tahini -- I think tahini tastes better). I mean, I can't think of a meat-substitute dish that tastes better than falafel and it's real food, not textured soy proteins. Even the peanut butter sandwich is absolutely delicious and to me, tastes better than any of dishes I had at vegan places when I lived in Los Angeles.

    Being vegan, you actually can get enough nutrients. You just have to be mindful of what you eat. There are like 28 amino acids that you need to survive and 9 of them must be obtained from the food you eat (i. e. your body can't produce them). You just have to find the right pairings to get all of those. This is why soy is so popular among vegans because I'm pretty sure that soy is the only non-animal sourced "complete protein" (i. e. it has all 9 of those amino acids that you can't produce). But if you tire of soy, there are other options. Like pairing red beans and rice creates a complete protein. The peanut butter sandwich (peanuts and wheat) creates a complete protein. Hummus (garbanzo beans and sesame seeds) creates a complete protein. I mean, it's really rather fascinating how we figured this out on our own as I don't think it's a coincidence that virtually every culture has a beans and rice dish.

    Anyway, I wish you luck!

  • Firstly, you should be a whack job who doesn't enjoy eating, preferably because yoire afflicyed with a form of neurosis that has you absurdly preoccupied with the well-being of all animals; placing it even before your own well-being. If this describes you then go at once to a psychologist and beg for help!

  • Don't do it, it's really unhealthy. Humans have been eating meat since the beginning of man.


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