Does anyone else think it's stupid when meat eaters complain about vegans wanting accommodations?

When the vegan diet only needs a fraction of the resources a meat based diet does.

-All the extra farmlands needed to grow the crops to feed the animals
-All the extra fertilizer needed to grow the excess of crops
-All the extra insecticides needed to help the excess of crops
-All the extra water needed to grow the excess of crops and for the animals to drink
-All the facilities needed to farm the animals
-All of the plants needed to treat the waste that the animals produce
-All the antibiotics needed to stop the animals from dying from disease
-All the tax subsidies used to pay for this
Are accommodations needed for meat eaters.

A vegan diet requires virtually nothing more than a standard western diet wouldn't already need while a standard western diet requires so much more resources than a vegan one.

So for someone who follows a standard western diet to complain about vegans wanting accommodations is really just idiotic, childish and hypocritical.


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  • I was a vegetarian for five years for those reasons and got a ton of shit. I quit for health reasons but I still try to eat meat in moderation. It's mostly just that in America you do get picked on a little (or a lot, depending where you are) for not being traditional.


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  • Not sure what accommodations you are talking about. But as far as im concerned you are entitled to do what you want. doesn't bother me if you want to be vegan and the majority of people that i know are more like me, i rarely here anyone complain about vegans. So, go do your thing.

  • I wouldn't gaf lol it's not changing what I eat

    • That wasn't the topic of the question -_-

    • Im saying it wouldn't matter to me what vegans eat lol for someone to complain ab something so simple that doesn't have anything to do with them is stupid

  • i respect what others eat

  • We're fed up of you Vegantards ramming your shit down our throats.


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  • I'm began and understand where you're coming from of course
    The best way to handle being a vegan is by handling a spiritual belief when someone else feels differently:
    -Live by example (never try to even slightly convert someone)
    -offer a sample if they are interested
    -Always say thank you and be polite when they offer you animal based products.
    -Try to relate to them the best you can
    -Don't criticize them
    -When they criticize you, take the high road.
    They just don't understand how toxic they're food is and that not eating animal products rids of most disease.

    I'm not saying you do all these things but you have already criticized someone on here for what they said

  • Yeah, I think it's stupid when they complain about someone else wanting accommodations to their diet...

  • Were all just sick of vegans. Most are pieces of shit. Not saying you are. But vegans are known to be arrogant and annoying.

    • If you're so full of yourself that you think satisfying your taste buds could justify taking the life of another sentient animal, then you're in no position to call someone who wouldn't "arrogant".
      #ActionsSpeakLouderThanWords son.

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    • K. Have fun with your vitamins and suppliments you have to take and your possible lack of protein so your blood cells are shit

    • I don't take vitamin supplements, but yeah I'm clearly deficient in protein and my blood cells aren't shit; that's why I can only bench press 330 lbs 4 times and run 10.5 miles in 94 minutes