Protein Powder for Women - Any recommendations?

I'm 5'2 & range in weight from 101# - 105# I want to gain weight... muscle. Tone up, get a little stronger. NOT bulky. I just want to tone up & become stronger to help me with my job (I'm a nurse for animals). I know there are TOND of powders/supplements out there. I've seen Ideal Fit among others.

I also... don't eat much & I don't work out every day. I'm going to try, but if I don't, I don't want to take something that will necessarily make me fat. I, more or less, want to increase my protein intake.


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  • I've been using Weider Whey Premium for ages. It seems to work for me as I gained a couple of pounds of lean muscle and lost some fat over the years, and I started to get faster gains when I used powder. I can't exactly give an amazing recommendation since I'm not a hardcore bodybuilder and not a nutritionist and this is the only brand I've ever used.

    I agree with @John_Doesnt that a natural diet is far superior.

    One of the suspicions I have for why I might have made faster gains with the powder is simply because it reinforced a routine where I would take the powder in between workouts, and somehow that routine also helped me to continue working out. I was a bit more chaotic about exercising pre-powder.

    If you decide to go with powder, I learned over the years that you can get away with much less than the recommend dosage. Apparently the recommended dosage is for the most hardcore bodybuilding types. I've been using half the recommended dosage for years and haven't noticed a difference.


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  • Leave the powder and make sure you get it from natural sources. I'm 5'2 too and 110 pounds and I've been kickboxing for 5 years, you can't build muscles without working out just make sure you workout at least twice a week, kickboxing (mma in general), body weight hiit and strength training will help.


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  • Protein powder is always a bad idea. Just buy some beef, pork or chicken.

  • I use 100% Whey (It's not really 100%), I like it because it has a high protein to calorie ratio, is affordable and tastes good. Other protein powders will work just as well but sometimes they are packed with sugar and fat so just check the label.

    Protein won't make you fat by itself, especially if its just one shake after a workout. In fact it takes more energy for your body to convert a gram of protein into fat than say a gram of carbohydrates. You'll only gain weight if you eat more calories than you burn, so be sure to substitute high protein meals into your diet and not just add them.

    Whey protein comes from milk. It is good for building muscle because it get absorbed quicker than other sources of protein like meats. Immediately after a workout, your body craves nourishment and thus absorbs protein easier, Whey just allows you to capitalize on the state your body is in.


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