Is it possible to kill your spicy tolerance?

so i try the Caroline reappear hot sauce and laugh I thought it was gonna be hot it was spicy. Felt a burn but it was nothing first time I try ghosts pepper sauce it was hotter I even mix ghosts reappear with catsup and had with with a spicy brot and felt nothing a, tiny hint of burn beyond that nothing so did I manage to kill my spicy tolerance what I mean by that is getting it up to the point where the hottest pepper in the world sauce doesn't affect me?


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  • I think it's genetic and a youth thing. When I was younger, I had no idea what people were talking about when they'd say "Burns on the way in, burns on the way out". But now... yeah, that happens to me. In fact, if I eat too much spicy stuff, my stomach highly disagrees with me and I get the whole stomach ache and flaming diarrhea thing. My instinct is that it's an age thing -- my body can't metabolize it as efficiently as it used to. However, I've considered another possibility -- maybe it's that as I get older, I tend more towards American foods so my body just isn't as used to it?

    • Make since I love spicy food. I'm not sure why my full ( I'm adopted my bio my was adopted when she was a kid and her mom was a prostitute so I have no ideA). My guess is Spain mainly because of the way my facial hair grown and Norwegian do to long blonde are and green eyes but I have no idea. What my genetic background is, spicy thing for me seem to help with my upset stomach like when ever I eat or drink something with corn in it my stomach is in nots so I eat cheese with a little ghost pepper sauce and it help more then tums.

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