Do you think it was rude of this girl to behave like this?

I was eating at a restaurant with my mother, ordered breakfast items. We were also sitting and talking.

Twice this girl came over and asked if we were okay. My mother thought it was because there was a lot of rush and they needed tables, so it was a subtle way to tell us to hurry up.

I understand why they felt the need to do that with customers waiting in line, but I still thought it was rude.

I don't know. I wouldn't do that to someone


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  • I don't know she might have just been checking to see if you left a tip

    • No, I was still eating

    • Then maybe she wanted to see if you needed something to drink or a refill

    • My mom seemed to think she wanted us to clear the table so that other customers could come and take our place as there was a rush

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  • I don't think it was rude at all. Who knows you might order something else and it SUCKS to look for a waiter.
    Very annoying


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  • If you guys got that feeling it prob was true we'd Pricilla if you were still eating and not looking around for service. It is rude.

    • Man seeped check is the worst. I meant 'it was prob true especially if you were still eating...'

  • Yeah i think it was

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