What are some unique foods that you like?

It's a tradition in my family that someone gets to pick anything for their birthday dinner and everyone else makes it. I want something unique. Maybe something some people would find gross. No seafood suggestions. I love seafood and I always have loved any seafood. If I could, I would have grilled oysters but where I live, seafood is expensive and it won't taste great because I live in a desert. I love haggis and blood pudding but I want to consider more options.


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  • Gumbo, jambylaya, Aligator, are all good suggestions. There is also pork brains but I won't even eat them as they really sound gross. So im going to go with either Jambalya or Gumbo


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  • Ughhh how sad no seafood :-( I like fried breaded oyster and mushrooms.

    Duck liver pate - it tastes good

    I do like salmon sushi with cucumber, carrots, sticky rice

    I make English indian thai curry fusion with lamb or duck, bell peppers, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and coconut cream with cashews. This is my favourite. I serve it with Boiled cumin rice, with carrots and raisins. I serve with greek yoghurt and grated cucumber. :-D

    • Yes, I'm very sad about not getting seafood. I love grilled oysters. Thanks for the suggestions those sound delicious.

    • You are welcome :-)

      Have you ever tried truffle white sauce with pasta? I just remembered we had it at a restaurant and it tasted great. :-*

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  • You like haggis?
    I've had it, not something I'd ever eat again.
    Also Gumbo


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  • Telo

    • Thanks? Those look really good

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    • No, but I'm willing to try anything at least once. Someone who was writing a recipe for them said they taste like French fries.

    • Yes they kinda do it's a Surinamese recipe

  • tripe, chicken organs, turkey organs...