How can I stop having this ridiculous thought on my head?

I know deep inside is ridiculous, but it exists. When I eat something, I don't want to shove it down to my mouth, because I will puke, yet I feel if I eat slowly, it will take 3-4 hours to finish it.

And we're not talking about an XXXL pizza... but just 10 chicken nuggets, like for example today. I mean how much slowly you need to eat in order to make 10 chicken nuggets last for 3-4 hours?


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  • There is no problem with eating your food slowly, as my great grandmother did that too. BUT she never took 3-4 hours to do it, that is far too much. Just make sure to chew all your food completely and you won't puke. Plus, eating slowly is actually good for digestion anyways.

    • It took me 30 minutes this time. I always eat in front of my computer, and I always listen to music when I eat (and not only, I almost always listen to something.. it actually helps calculating my time)...

      Like for example today I used the "1 chicken nugget per song" formula. I know I might sound like a weirdo, but it helps me to not lose the sense of time.

    • Hey, you do you!

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