Good alcoholic drinks?

wanting to celebrate my 22nd birthday since I didn't really celebrate my 21st last year


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  • it depends. do you like fruity mixed drinks or the more simple ones?
    to drink neat, i like tullamore dew (irish whiskey), remy martin vsop (cognac) and those are really the only drinks that i like neat. im not really a big fan of cocktails or mixed drinks, but i do like shit like:
    - jagerbombs (jagermeister shot dropped in a glass of red bull and chug it)
    - forgot what this was called but you drop a shot of whiskey in a glass of beer and chug it
    - cognac or amaretto and coffee
    - rumchata and fireball whiskey (equal parts mixed)
    - whiskey or amaretto sours

    I also like jungle juice.

    • oh and tequila shots, cuz im a girl and we can't help it i guess. but if you're gonna do shots and shit, spring for the top shelf or at least... higher shelf shit. dont get the bottom shelf shit.

    • lol I gotcha I. I think the last drink I had was peach snobs in may

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