Would you buy food from a bakery that has healthy ingredients but tastes equally as good as any other junk food?

Lets just say everything added is healthy, and there are no side effects of eating let say as many cookies or cupcakes as you want.

  • Yes, I'm a health freak
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  • No, I don't care
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  • Yeah i love baked goods with fruit so why not


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  • Yes however the reason why i'm not a fan of junk often is because it MAKES me feel like crap, and I'm not a fan of sweets often either so.. the junk that I do like can be made healthy too anyway now i. e. potato chips aka fries! and potato chips lol. However in short yes I guess it'd be better anyway to full your body with nutritious things anyway!


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  • I probably wouldn't because that would be more expensive. Part of eating junk food is knowing that it isn't good for you. If it was healthy, psychologically eating it wouldn't feel as good

  • Sure I would prefer the heathy one

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