What is the best veggie pasta meal you've tried?

I'm trying to be healthier and I want recommendations of good vegetable pasta recipes. I'm aware gag is not a cooking site, but I want honest opinions/reviews on what is delicious, which I won't find on a food website. Healthy & delicious go together in my case, if one is missing then it's a bummer because I'll refuse to eat it.
Tell me what it is, I'll look it up and figure out how to make the recipe.


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  • Vegan or simply vegetarian?

    • Regardless, here's my favorite meal in each category:

      Cook pasta. Drain it. Add decent amount of butter. Steam broccoli, carrots. Cut sweet potatoes into cubes, put in aluminum, cook in oven. Serve pasta with fresh herbs, topped with the vegetables you cooked.

      Cook and drain pasta. On the side, sautee onions and garlic in your oil of choice. Once onions are caramelized, add tomato cubes. Simmer a bit. Add celery, cook a bit. Add spinach. Cook a bit. If you have them, add a can of black beans. Add a dash of olive oil on pasta, pour vegetables mixture on top.

    • Thanks chef ;)

  • Gluten free angel hair noodles
    Pickled baby corn
    Broccoli florets
    Diced water chestnuts

    4:1 honey mustard and red wine, a few dashes of cayenne pepper for a little spice and voila.

    My specialty☺️


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