The keto diet: Im barely hungry at all, but need the food? should I force feed myself or only eat when im hungry?

So i started keto a week ago, and im facing a problem.

For the last 2 days i barely hungry, like at all. The things is if i dont eat i won't be eating enough fat and protein, which is obviously important, But at the same time i see everywhere that you should only eat when hungry. Im like hungry once or twice a day, and workout usually 3-6 times a week so i need food.

So what do i do, only eat when im hungry or "force feed" myself?


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  • This is a fad diet and it will NOT work long term, unless you are prepared to stick with it forever. Yes, you might lose weight, but keeping it off is impossible unless you change your eating habits and reject these diets.

    Your blood sugar levels are probably up and down like a yo-yo!

    • fad diet? and i know someone who have been on this for year and had great results. I dont care about weight as much as i care about fat percentage, that is what im trying to reduce. My blood sugar is very stabile..

    • Good luck with it!

    • Thanks for MHG!

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  • You have Shrunk your Stomach Now Somehow by Eating like A.. Bird. Now you have to Go easy with the Food Flow or be Nauseous.
    Eat Small and All, but Make sure the Portions are Healthy and Proteins as well, and then Slowly, Add a few More Morsels, where your Tummy feels it's Yummy, and you can get Back on Track.
    Good Luck. xx

    • i eat tons of food and have for the last week, i haven't been eating like a bird at all lol So it can't be why

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    • I eat less than that every day with eating lite while home and with this, my tummy will "Stretch" if I eat More in Store.
      I will Look up your own Diet, but Perhaps these pills are having some repercussions, and they may be Making you "Not hungry," this is how the diet works so you can Lose the weight.
      Actually, losing on 1200-1500 is best when losing weight. xx

    • Thanks for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • Eat only when you are hungry unless you go into severe ketosis.

    • if i dont eat enough protein im going to lose muscle mass, and idont want that to happen.. in addition, only eating twice a day can't be good, or?

    • I have been eating once or twice a day for the past year. Eating once a day is sufficient to maintain muscle mass.

  • You are doing this to lose weight, right?

    • to reduce my fat percentage, so i doubt i'll be losing a lot of weigh or thats not the reason im on it

    • Well as long as the ratio stays the same, your body will mainly use fats as energy. But I'm not 100% sure on this one.

      Force-feeding doesn't really sound like a good idea. If there are supplements or fats in liquid form that you can take that may help if you need more.

  • Have something small to snack on if it's been to long since eating but what makes you not hungry? I'm always hungry and could lose a few pounds


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  • eat when you're hungry. when you are hungry eat food that have a lot of the nutrients you are looking for. You can also drink supplement shakes if you are worried about not getting enough good stuff.

    • have you been on keto before?

    • no but forcing yourself to eat is never good

    • i agree forcng myself to eat isn't the bets thing, but i need to reach my macros or i can risk losing muscles, and i would hate for that to happen

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