What's your favourite food?

Just curious, i need some inspiration on foooooood :p


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  • Inspiration, try this...

    Get dark rye bread/black looking one. Most expensive sharp cheddar cheese you can afford from a deli not a store isle. Fresh garlic and butter.

    Crush that garlic in a frying pan and melt it with the butter around medium.

    Put the cheese in the bread as a sandwich, fair amount and fry one side on the butter til its crispy like a regular grilled cheese. As thats happening put more butter on the other side, then flip it. Keep it medium to low medium and be patient.

    It is a fine grilled cheese. Make sure you don't have any meetings or dates lol. The garlic part leaves a really bad breath thing for 12-24 hours, but it is decadent.


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  • I can't choose one, it's impossible :D
    Cheesecake, smoothies, nachos and guac, sushi, greek salad, kebab <3


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