Tonight im cooking dinner for my girlfriend and i. I need help Should I got with plan A or plan B?

Plan A: fried Chicken, toast, corn and mash potatoes w/gravy. with a 7up cake for dessert.

Plan B) Steak, green beans, rice and biscuits. with apple pie for dessert.

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  • Go with "A" tyo be Safe. Not Everyone, hun, cares for Beef, and Chicken is Easy enough, not too Rough, to Whip up.
    Perhaps instead of Frying the Chicken, you could roll it in egg and milk and then some Seasoned Italian Breadcrumbs, Baked in the Oven at 325-350 Degrees, for 45 min. Fried is less Healthy. I do like your Potato Idea, leave it on the Side in Case she doesn't Care for any.
    Good Luck. xx

    • Thank you, dear, for your own Vote of Confidence, and with Chicken, you can never go wrong with a chicklet. xx

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  • Option B hands down 👌🏽


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  • what do you and her like the most?

    • i like plan A most and she likes plan B most

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    • i have a double shift tomorrow so im not cooking tomorrow

    • Then Plan A today and Plan B on Tuesday maybe spice things up with romantic candles and flowers

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