Ever been to a nice bar and then it was ruined once you went in the washroom?

there is this old pub downtown , I've only been in it a couple times , there trying to renovate it into a "brew pub " and now brew there own beer. however the building is very old itself

was there last night and had a good time and the pub itself is nice and been renovated but I went in the washroom and it had not been renovated and same old washroom as before. old beat up metal walls surround the urinals/toilets and are obviously decades old , the one is really creepy , its rate beside the sink and is a wide gap in the metal cover , you could like look in and see people's genitals if you wanted to , like its so bad it pretty much ruined the whole experience for me

I can't understand why they wouldn't renovate the washrooms if they are trying to make the place nicer?


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