What is your perfect sandwich?

I'm bored and hungry. Let me know 'cause I'm craving a sandwich but I don't know what to make!


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  • QK's Grilled Chx Sandwich

    1) Make bacon
    2) Butter and grill some onion buns
    3) Grill chicken breast, seasoned with garlic salt and cayenne pepper
    4) While the breasts cook, schmear the toasted buns with garlic/onion marmalade
    5) When the beasts are nearly done, put a strip or two of bacon on each one.
    6) Allow a slice of smoked Gouda to melt on top of the bacon
    7) Assemble chicken/bacon/cheese into buns and and enjoy

    QK's Fish Sandwich

    1) Mandolin or thinly slice red onion and soak it in balsamic vinegar
    2) Make tartar sauce (mayo, minced pickles, fresh ground pepper, minced garlic clove, Tabasco sauce, parsley, chives)
    3) In olive oil, pan fry thin white fish fillets seasoned with garlic salt and cayenne pepper… whatever you can get… sole, orange roughy, etc.
    4) Split a baguette, apply tartar sauce and picked onions, layer on fish
    5) Serve with kettle potato chips and extra tartar sauce

    • Hey! Thanks for MHO! Did you try one of them?

    • Not yet but the chicken one sounds wonderful!

    • Cool. Good luck!

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  • Peanut butter, banana with honey 🥜🍌🍯💛


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  • -fresh ciabatta bread
    -chicken bits
    -shredded carrots
    -thinly slice cherry tomatoes
    -red onion
    -strong cheddar cheese
    -a mixture of leafy greens

    Light toasted so the cheese has melted and the outside is crispy!

    My perfect sandwich ❤

  • I like to put ham, lettuce, tomato, dill pickles, mustard, and mayo. I mainly like the mustard and pickles creating that sharp taste. It's a bonus if the bread is toasted for me but sometimes I don't bother.

    • Yellow mustard, not Dijon, that is. The latter is too sharp for me and overpowers everything. The former is considerably more mild and blends better with all the other ingredients.

    • Almost exactly the same as mine except you forgot the cheese 😔

    • @spnsfi I've never tried with cheese. I have to try that next time. :-D

  • Toasted Ciabatta bread, dijon mustard, swiss or gouda cheese, roast beef, pastrami, bacon and a sunny side up egg

  • Turkey n ham with pepper jack cheese or Monterey, with kettuce n tomatoes with back and s/p to top it off, no dressing or u can go with a ranch n mustard combo

  • Turkey pesto. Yummmm

  • hummus, mint and spicy olive oil


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