Is what they do bad enough where I should report them?

So I worked at this restaurant situated in the middle of my village which is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the UK. We have lots from all over mill in and out every week to see it and many of them visit this restaurant. (The owners of the village like to call it a restaurant and make us all call it so but it is actually a very well equipped cafe) So I was on dish duty a lot when I worked there and I saw something disgusting. 70% of the customers were given a little 1/2 cup jug of milk to use with their beverages and they very often would use only half of it. All the milk used for everything came out of a dispenser. We dishwashers were expected to save the milk we found left in the jugs and pour it into a big jug which was returned to the central dispenser when it got full. Bear in mind that the customers may sneeze or cough into their milk, have children lick their fingers and dip them inside, the customers may drink a little from the jug, and the jug that it was all poured into was kept in the dirty dish area of the washroom so it could have undesirable things splash into it. As I have said, people come from all over the world and eat here and who knows what illness they may carry. TB is coming back and it can be spread by contaminated milk. In short, the customers are being given the previous customer's leftover milk! Everything at this restaurant is pretty standard but it costs a lot.(they even cut the cucumbers thick at one end and thin at the other and have the nerve to charge £4.50 for one!).

Should I report this? Or am I being over the top? We even had a celebrity chef come and use this kitchen for his cookbook, he would not have seen what was going on but I think that is disgraceful. Reporting would be really easy. I know many will have the attitude of "A few germs will not hurt, they will strengthen your immune system" but what if it does not? All the food hygiene trainers could not any further disagree with that statement.


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  • No thag is not okay. That violates many health codes and is against the law. That is so gross. Would you drink that milk? Please report it


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